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Cupcake Cakes 
Cupcake cakes are so convenient for parties, school events, or any type of function.  

Just tear off your cupcake and enjoy! No knives, forks or plates needed. 

Choose from the cake and filling flavors listed below.    

We charge $2.00 per cupcake.  Choose to add a filling for an additional $.25 per cupcake.

Almost any cake design can be turned into a cupcake cake.
Check out the Cupcake Cake gallery to see what we can do!

Cake Flavors:                                     Fillings:                                      
Madagascar Vanilla                            Strawberry Mousse
Chocolate                                           Kahlua Mousse                          
Butter Yellow                                       Raspberry Mousse                    
Marble (any 2 flavors)                         Lemon Cream                            
Red Velvet                                          Caramel                                     
Array of Spice                                     Maple                                         
Lemon Burst                                       Chocolate Ganache                   
Real Strawberry                                  Key Lime                                    
Cookies and Cream                            Cream Cheese 
Almond                                                Cherry Whipped Cream
French Vanilla                                     Lemon Coconut
German Chocolate                              Bess' Best Icing
Chocolate Almond
Orange Cream
Carrot (with or without nuts)
Chocolate chocolate chip

Other flavors available, and we welcome any special requests!

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