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Custom Cakes
Round Cakes 

Size (Double-layer round) 

6”           serves 6-8 people            $22.00 and up 

8”           serves 12-15 people        $30.00 and up

10”         serves 25-30 people        $40.00 and up

12”         serves 38-40 people        $50.00 and up

Sheet Cakes

Size                                Single Layer                       Double Layer 

9 X 13 (1/4 Sheet)      serves 18-20 people         serves 30-35 people
                                         $32.00 and up                    $55.00 and up

12 X 18 (1/2 Sheet)    serves 35-40 people         serves 50-55 people
                                         $45.00 and up                    $75.00 and up

24 X 18 (Full Sheet)   serves 75-90 people
                                         $75.00 and up

Other sizes and shapes available. Please email or call me for special pricing. Cake prices include fillings of your choice for the Double Layer cakes.  

Servings are approximate. Actual servings will vary depending on portion size.

Balance is due upon receipt of a cake. 

Two weeks notice is generally required for all Special Occasion Cakes. Last minute orders will be considered if scheduling permits. 

Delivery can be arranged on an individual basis and is free to Galena, Westerville, and Worthington. 

Interested in learning more?
Cake Flavors:
Madagascar Vanilla       Chocolate
Butter Yellow                 Marble (any 2 flavors)
Red Velvet                     Array of Spice
Lemon Burst                  Real Strawberry
Cookies and Cream       Almond
French Vanilla               German Chocolate
Chocolate Almond         Orange Cream
Carrot (with or without nuts)
Chocolate chocolate chip

Other flavors available, and we welcome any special requests!

Strawberry Mousse        Kahlua Mousse
Raspberry Mousse         Lemon Cream
Caramel                          Maple
Chocolate Ganache        Key Lime
Cream Cheese               Cherry Whipped Cream
Lemon Coconut              Mint
Bess' Best icing              Cheesecake